Polish names include korytarz polski Polish corridor and korytarz gdański Gdańsk corridor however, reference to the region as a corridor came to be regarded as offensive by interwar Polish diplomats. If Poland accepted these terms, Germany would agree to the British offer of an international guarantee, which would include the Soviet Union. Territories east of the Oder-Neisse line, including Danzig, were put under Polish administration. In either case a people is asked to entrust large

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interests to the League of Nations. In 1905, Kashubians numbered about 72,500. ; March 17, 1919: Plan to Give Germany Land Communication Across Polish Corridor to the Baltic Edmund Jan Osmańczyk, Anthony Mango, Encyclopedia of the United Nations and international agreements, 3rd edition, Taylor Francis, 2003,.1818, isbn : "Polish Corridor: International term for Poland's access. Frederick the Great: A Historical Profile. 108 German Population in the Polish Corridor as of 1921 according to Richard Blanke, Orphans of Versailles: The Germans in Western Poland, County Total population of which German Percentage Działdowo (Soldau) 23,290 8,187.5 (35.2) Lubawa (Löbau) 59,765 4,478.6 Brodnica (Strasburg) 61,180 9,599.7.

An exchange of minority populations between the two countries was proposed. The text of Woodrow's Fourteen Points Speech Archived at the Wayback Machine The Danzig Dilemma; a Study in Peacemaking by Compromise: A Study in Peacemaking by Compromise -"This report was origin of the famous Polish corridor to the Baltic which the Commission proposed on ethnographic. 63 The Prussians passed laws aiming at Germanisation of the provinces of Posen and West Prussia in the late 19th century. Many Germans had become economically dependent on Prussian state aid as Prussia had fought the "Polish problem" in its provinces. James, The New York Times May 7, 1939, Sunday, Section: The Week In Review, Page E3 10 Avalon Project : The French Yellow Book :. A political study (in Polish) The New York Times : March 18, 1919: polish "corridor. While the commission for colonization established in the Bismarck era could in the course of two decades bring no more than 11,957 families to the eastern territories, Frederick settled a total of 57,475. Gdańsk ) was separate from both Poland and Germany. 71 Germans refused to accept living in a Polish state. It increased the German character of the population in the monarchy's provinces to a very significant degree.

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46 As Lewis Bernstein Namier, Professor of Modern History at the University of Manchester and known for both his "legendary hatred of Germany" 40 and Germanophobia 41 as well as his anti-Polish attitude 39 directed against what he defined as the "aggressive, antisemitic and warmongerily. German estates that lie here must be reduced without concern for their economic value or the views of their owners'. 71 Lower standards of living. 80 Christian Raitz von Frentz notes that measures aimed at reversing past Germanization included the liquidation of farms settled by the German government during the war under the 1908 law. Poland refused, as the alliance was rapidly becoming a sphere of influence ropa para prostitutas prostitutas tailandesas of an increasingly powerful Germany. 71 Helmut Lippelt writes that Germany used the existence of German minority in Poland for political ends and as part of its revisionist demands, which resulted in Polish countermeasures. A History of Prussia. Starting in December, the Polish-Ukrainian War expanded the Polish republic's territory to include Volhynia and parts of Eastern Galicia, while at the same time the German Province of Posen (where even according to the German made 1910 census 61,5 of the population was Polish) was. Hitler at first ostentatiously pursued a policy of rapprochement with Poland, 83 culminating in the ten-year Polish-German Non-Aggression Pact of 1934. Denson, "Reassessing the Presidency" Ludwig van Mises Institut, Auburn Alabama 2001,.480 a b The British War Blue Book edwin. The New York Times : March 18, 1919: polish "corridor. 60 61 On the other hand, he encouraged administrators and teachers who could speak both German and Polish. Arthur Steiner 1940 (Appendix. 92 93 However, Polish leaders continued to fear for the loss of their independence and a fate like that of Czechoslovakia, 93 which had yielded the Sudetenland to Germany in October 1938, only to be invaded by Germany in March 1939. Western and Northern territories of Poland : Facts and problems. 71 Christian Raitz von Frentz notes "that many of the repressive measures were corrida cremosa en chochete peludo taken by local and regional Polish authorities in defiance of Acts of Parliament and government decrees, which more often than not conformed with the minorities treaty, the Geneva Convention and their interpretation. University Press of Kentucky. Verlag corrida cremosa en chochete peludo von Ludwig Schumann. Percentage of Poles living on the former PolishLithuanian Commonwealth territories,. "Politische Sanierung" Zur deutschen Politik gegenüber Polen 1925/26 (PDF) (in German).

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Taylor, Radical Historian of Europe. German industrial workers also left due to fear of lower-wage competition. Beaumont, wrote of numerous continuing difficulties being made by Polish officials and added "as a result, the ill-will between Polish and German nationalities and the irritation due to Polish intolerance towards the German inhabitants in the Corridor (now under their rule far worse than any. 87 Almost immediately following the agreement, however, Hitler reneged. A b Crozier, Andrew. Since a Polish state had not existed since the Congress of Vienna, the future republic's territory had to be defined. I know of no similar frontier created by any treaty." 76 Impact on German through-traffic edit The German Ministry for Transport established the Seedienst Ostpreußen Sea Service East Prussia in 1922 to provide a ferry connection to East Prussia, now a German exclave, so that. 33 The Poles did not want the Polish population to remain under the control of the German state, 34 which had in the past treated the Polish population and other minorities as second-class citizens 35 and pursued Germanization. X, Chapter viii, "The Plebiscites in Allenstein and Marienwerder January 21 - September 29, 1920.726-7 An impression of the psychological consequences of the train sealing is given through the relevant paragraphs of the booklet Namen, die keiner mehr nennt Names, no longer called.

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The Inquiry recommended, that both the Corridor and Danzig should have been ceded directly to Poland. Paris Paper Sketches Proposed Strip to Danzig. As Professor Lewis Bernstein Namier (18881960) born to Jewish parents in Lublin Governorate ( Russian Empire, former Congress Poland ) and later a British citizen, 36 a former member of the British Intelligence Bureau throughout World War I 37 and the British delegation at the. A b c d e f g h i j k l m Orphans of Versailles: The Germans in Western Poland, pages 32-48 Richard Blanke University Press of Kentucky, 1993 In the Margin of History, page 45 Lewis Bernstein Namier In the Margin of History. ; August 16, 1920: Russians Hoist the German Flag Over Soldau; Say Polish Corridor Will Be Returned to Germany ; March 17, 1919: Plan to Give Germany Land Communication Across Polish Corridor to the Baltic ; November 16, 1930 europe sorest spot: THE polish corridor.;. News was then broadcast that Poland had rejected Germany's offer.